How to get a car loan with negative credit rating

When you buy a new vehicle, you also need the appropriate financial means to finance it. But usually no one has such a large amount at their disposal or saved together, so you have to take out a loan. But you can also apply for credit brokerage directly from car dealers who often offer so-called Read More

We know which fast loans over 10 thousand are the best

Good Credit has been successfully operating on the market since 1997. Since then, it has been working on its services and building a reputation as a trusted and fair company. Their flexible loan is not actually a classic consumer loan. It is a so-called revolving loan. You can use it repeatedly within the specified frame. Read More

Express loans to get out of trouble

A fine, a higher electricity bill than usual, a session with the dentist … in life there are hundreds of unforeseen events that can destabilize the economy even of people who currently have a fixed-job. And in many of these cases, it is smarter to settle the unforeseen debt as soon as possible instead of Read More

Can you get a mortgage without a down payment?

  If you need to finance a home and want to borrow money for this, you should research the market thoroughly. It will soon be possible to make use of our loan calculator, which gives an overview of the market providers, so that you can easily find the provider that suits you. Financing a home Read More

5 good advice before you decide to apply for a loan?

The volume of contracted loans over the Internet is growing every year, despite the tightening and clearing of the consumer credit market, which has been under the direct supervision of the National Bank for some time. The offer of bank and non-bank loans remains very varied, television, print and internet are full of advertisements for Read More

Can I borrow money without a job?

It can be difficult to borrow money when leaving without a job. It is especially difficult to borrow money without a job if the loan is to be taken up in the bank. Most people have become less willing to lend money after the financial crisis occurred, and if you are also without a job, Read More